Html Social share buttons

Html Social share buttons widget Plugin WordPress.

By this plugin you can easily add sharing functionality to your website. This allow your visitors to share your content on the top social networking sites. This offers you a great way to add social sharing links to your WordPress website.

It show lite/simple share button only with html css. It’s does not using any JavaScript whats another do. It’s load only extra 10-11 KB total on your site. There are top 6 share  button in this plugin. It’s use only one image instead of 6. So only one extra HTTP request will occur.

This pretty plugin is easy to use.

There are a option panel under appearance  menu called Html Social Share.

More share-able item will be add in next version.

I am also using this. Mainly I was developed this for me and after develop the plugin, I taught that it’s can help many people if I share this plugin.

Html Social share button

Simple Html CSS Social share buttons widget Plugin WordPress.

Download: Html Social share buttons

=== Html Social share buttons: ABOUT ===

Author: Md. Alimuzzaman Alim
Donate link: none
Tags: Social,  share, button, image, widget, icon, zm-tech.
Requires at least: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 3.6.1
Version: 1.0.0

=== Html Social share buttons: FEATURE ===

1. Share with Facebook.
2. Share with Twitter.
3. Share with LinkedIn.
4. Share with Google Plus.
5. Bookmark with Google Bookmark.
5. Send by Email.

=== Html Social share buttons: SETUP===

1.Upload this plugin. To upload plugin go to Plugins >> Add New.
2. At first activate the plugin.
3. You will find Html Social share button in the plugin list.
4. You will find a option panel under appearance menu. Where you will able to enable widget and show share button on left side.
5. Chose share buttons whats are you needed.
6. Next go to Appearance >> Widgets.
7. Then you will find a widget called Html Social share button.
8. Then drag and drop this widget to your sidebar or header banner or footer.
9. That’s all.


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  2. Author Image By Md.Mitue

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