Learn web design Starter Guide

Learn web design:Learning web design is so easy.

If you are a new to web designing this is perfect for you to learn web design online. This will guide you how to learn web design or web development. To learn web designing you will need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

HTML is the structure of a web page. So you need must know HTML at first to learn web design. CSS and JavaScript are optional. But CSS is strongly recommended. Because CSS control the styles of a web site. Such as font size, font color, background color and so on. JavaScript is using in the web design mainly for programming and runtime changes on html content.

You can start web designing only with HTML knowledge then you learn CSS and JavaScript.

Lets start learning HTML:

Basic HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>This is My First Heading</h1>
<p>This is My first paragraph.</p>

Little bit advance. Using JavaScript and CSS.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="“UTF-8″" />
<title>The Title of document</title>

<!--/* Some styles. */-->
body { background-color:#d0e4fe; }

function displayDate()

The Content of document……
<p id="“demo”">This is a paragraph.</p>
<button onclick="“displayDate()”" type="“button”">Display Date</button>

The basic element of html is tag. Some html tags html, body, head etc.
Example start <html> end </html>, start <head> end </head>, start <body> end </body>. Every html tag must be closed.
There are two Technic to closing a tag.
1. html start <html> and html closed </html>
2. <img src=”somthing.jpg” /> self closed.

The “/>” closed the tag.
another example <br /> that’s add a line break to html output.
you can also use <br> sometime but this is not recommended. Recommended is <br />.
To learn more about learning html.
The basic tags are

html(Main structure),
head(Style and Script goes here),
body(All output able things goes here),
script(For JavaScript),
style(For CSS),
img(To show image),
a(To create link).

CSS styles are using to style html element.
CSS codes are write in style tag.

body { background-color:#d0e4fe; }

To learn Completely on CSS please visit at W3schools CSS Tutorial

JavaScript’s are using to modify html content at run-time change CSS style runtime. To learn JavaScript completely please visit w3schools JavaScript Tutorial.

Please read this at least two times if you new to web design learning.

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