Super hide folder as system

You can super hide any folder or file with this software.

You can use this software as file locker. It’s work same as file locker. This software not lock file but hidden file as system. You can’t see your hidden file with Windows File Explorer.  There are a file browser with this software. With this file browser you will see all file even system file and folder what you have never saw.

Super hide any folder or file Screenshot

Super hide any folder or file Screenshot

Download the software:

1. Download the zip file of Super-hide-folder.
2. Download the tar.gz file of Super-hide-folder.tar.gz. (You may need 7zip software to open this file format)
3. Download Super hide folder vb source

Super hide folder as system is so easy with visual basic.

I am giving the basic code in VB(Visual Basic). If any one can convert this in another language (such as c++ or C#) please let me know.

Super hide folder Code: I am using Visual Basic 10

Code to hide a file

Dim FInfo As IO.FileInfo
Dim OFD As New OpenFileDialog
FInfo = FileIO.FileSystem.GetFileInfo(OFD.FileName)
FInfo.Attributes = IO.FileAttributes.Hidden + IO.FileAttributes.System '+IO.FileAttributes.ReadOnly

Code to hide a Folder

Dim DInfo As IO.DirectoryInfo
Dim FBD As New FolderBrowserDialog
DInfo = FileIO.FileSystem.GetDirectoryInfo(FBD.SelectedPath)
DInfo.Attributes = IO.FileAttributes.Hidden + IO.FileAttributes.System '+IO.FileAttributes.ReadOnly

To UnHide a folder is not so easy as hiding. Because you can’t see your hidden file of folder with ordinary file browser. You need to hard code the file or folder path in the code. But I have found a way to view the hidden files or folder. You can download the BV project file.
Code to UnHide a file

Dim FInfo As IO.FileInfo
FInfo = FileIO.FileSystem.GetFileInfo("Your file name")
FInfo.Attributes = IO.FileAttributes.Normal

Code to UnHide a Folder

Dim DInfo As IO.DirectoryInfo
DInfo = FileIO.FileSystem.GetDirectoryInfo("The directory/ folder path")
DInfo.Attributes = IO.FileAttributes.Normal

Happy VB programming.


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